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PETER CUMINS: i don’t believe their claim has merit. Ah and that is our viewpoint.

JULIE GRAY: Oh. Snakes.

JULIE GRAY: Well, i am carrying it out not merely as I am; that got caught up in the whole spiral thing, having to go and get loan after loan for myself but there is a lot of people out there, I suppose, that are in the same situation. STEPHEN LONGER: Julie battles health that is ill. She spends up a huge amount of a income that is small medicine and medical bills. JULIE GRAY: i have got a hip expert that we head to. Um, we went a week ago, really, up to a back professional which are priced at $230 to look at professional and I also think i obtained $72 straight straight back, which, i believe, um, after my rent and, um, electricity and bills and that are compensated, i do believe i am kept with $320. STEPHEN LONGER: A fortnight?

STEPHEN LONGER: Julie Gray can not remember just just exactly what first took her to Cash Converters at Penrith: meals, medication, a broken-down refrigerator or even assist the young ones.

But she ended up being quickly a customer that is regular.

BEN SLADE, LAWYER, MAURICE BLACKBURN: whenever Julie Gray went in to the Penrith money Converters shop to borrow $100, that has been maybe her intention: to just get one large amount of $100. But it is soon from then on that the instalments that she makes away from her banking account keep her with nothing.