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Louise Roberts: Dating apps and feminism are making a toxic minefield for guys

Feminists have actually killed love and young women can be having to pay the cost with this.

The trickle down effectation of overzealous permission courses, a misandrist narrative increasingly given to young girls and teenage boys being punished with their obvious male privilege means our company is well and undoubtedly circling the drain.

Gender equality without exceptions has driven an increase in medical swipe and dump apps that are dating. And thus what does which means that for love, closeness and companionship that is true life?

By relationship this equality mantra has chipped away at a few of the most wonderful and experiences that are formative in a young person’s life.

Love — or lust — in the beginning sight is redundant whenever everybody is busy swiping. Image: Getty

That look that is very first first conference, first kiss and first intimate experience all now homogenised maybe perhaps not by good judgment but typical hysteria which insists ladies are victims and males are violent.

Male-female violence is every-where and needs to be battled, may be the message from on high.