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Settlement Improve Second and final Instalment Reimbursement Payments

Those Group customers who received a successful very first instalment reimbursement payment meet the criteria to get an additional and last installment repayment.

After the processing associated with the second and last reimbursement repayments, Group customers will get written communication from Maurice Blackburn by either e-mail, SMS or post confirming the re payment, the full total reimbursement quantity and also the bank-account the reimbursement had been compensated into.

Group customers will additionally be notified if the re payment had been unsuccessful.

Please wait before you have obtained this communication before calling Maurice Blackburn with any relevant questions regarding your reimbursement.

Let’s say my bank details have actually changed considering that the instalment payment that is first?

You need to update them online before 4.00pm AEST on Friday 4 December 2020 if you received a first installment payment and your bank details have changed since. All eligible Group users were sent communication from Maurice Blackburn in very early 2020 with instructions on how to update bank details november.