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no strings attached review

Nancy, You appear to be your in a hell of a jam. I don’t understand what i could do for you personally at the moment. I might manage to show you through this but i would like some information that is basic. Please don’t think I’m prying. I’ll list the given information i require:

1) what exactly is your citizenship and have you got a passport in your control? 2) what’s your precise location in addition to title for the resort you are/were residing at?

Details and cell phone numbers are very important. 3) Your fathers name and country of citizenship. 4) The title associated with factory and any all about the estate agent that is real. Who got it? Once more, names, details and cell phone numbers are very important. 5) Where could be the consult that is closest associated with the nation on your own passport? Have you contacted them yet? 6) i want your flight information. Carrier, trip number, itinarary, date of return trip, etc. 7) Where are you able to be contacted by phone or in individual?

okay, now some true figures; what’s the balance due the hotel? And that is the purpose of contact?Assuming you have a place to stay until the flight date that they still return your ticket and that the ticket is still good do? I’m trying to think about all of the avenues of “escape” possible to help you get house. I understand a former Marine who has got done a couple of interaction agreements in Afrrica and might have the ability to provide me personally a few ideas regarding the most useful way to just simply simply take getting you home. Time is associated with essance therefore please back get the information in my experience at the earliest opportunity. Your dad holding around a large sum of money in Africa is seeking issues. perhaps Not just a move that is wise. Life is inexpensive here and cash is energy.