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‘We’re maybe perhaps perhaps perhaps not being heard’: Ebony Trump supporters state the president wins on jobs and economy

Philadelphia’s First Immanuel Baptist Church in Sharswood hosted a Black Voices for Trump roundtable with Paris Dennard, a conservative presenter, and Kamiliah Prince, the RNC’s director of African-American engagement. (Kimberly Paynter/WHYY)

Moving by First Immanuel Baptist Church on night, lifelong Philadelphian Abdul Byrd said he’s no fan of President Donald Trump thursday.

“My individual viewpoint is, we dislike exactly exactly exactly how he’s operating the nation at this time,” Byrd stated. “And we can’t wait till he out of workplace.”

Within the North Philly church on that night, the belief ended up being opposing.

About 60 mostly Black and Brown everyone was collected here to exhibit their support for the elected president at a conference arranged by their campaign’s Black Voices for Trump effort.