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Rachael Johns explores divorce or separation solution ‘nest parenting’ in her own brand new novel

Nest parenting is a solution for divided moms and dads, where the children remain in your family house and grownups take turns coping with them. A idea that is nice but does it work?

A years that are few, we came across a write-up about nest parenting, and though my spouce and I were/are nevertheless together, the style piqued my interest.

Nest parenting (often called birdnest parenting) is a child-centred custody solution for divided moms and dads. Typically whenever divorce or separation occurs, kids usually end up going backwards and forwards between their moms and dads’ brand new domiciles. In a nest arrangement, the youngsters remain in your family house plus the parents take turns coping with them. You should definitely making use of their young ones, the parents may either live at another provided property or they could each have their very own split dwelling.

For several our married life I’ve driven my husband crazy asking him hypothetical concerns – how long could you decide to try find somebody else if we passed away?