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Although we continue to have some more times before the official beginning of autumn, around here it feels as being similar to the period has recently started. Classes are back session, the leaves are dropping from the trees, & most of y our counselors have departed when it comes to two-month marathon of routes, senior school visits, and college fairs that people call travel period.

In addition, numerous of highschool seniors throughout the national country have actually started the process of completing university applications. Regardless of whether or not merely one of the applications will likely be submitted to Vanderbilt, you want to provide you a couple of nuggets for the expertise we now have obtained using the services of students and applications that are evaluating years.

Hence we offer you: The “How To” Series. A little less overwhelming for all of you over the next several weeks, we will be posting lists of tips concerning various pieces of the application that we hope will make this process.