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Fridge water hookup. Therefore, you’ve finally got that refrigerator with ice manufacturer which you’ve constantly desired.

What’s the situation? There’s no water line that operates towards the ice box! Don’t stress. Owning a water line is one thing that lots of home owners are designed for doing on their own, without investing in an expert. Here’s exactly just how.


  • Pipe tee (either copper or PVC) as well as the materials for connecting the tee made from that product
  • Brief pipeline (4 inches)
  • Stop valve
  • Versatile tubing (size adjustable)
  • Drill with appropriate bits
  • Wrench
  • Cable clamps

Step By Step:

  1. Find the chilled water line that’s closest to your ice box. This could or might not be water line that supplies your sink. In case your ice box is throughout the space from your own drain, there might be a closer liquid supply line within an adjacent restroom or garage.
  2. Turn from the water supply and empty the chilled water valve by switching from the chilled water tap.

  3. Insert a tee in to the cool water line. There are lots of methods this is done, nevertheless the technique you utilize is determined by the pipeline. If you’re inserting a tee as a PVC pipeline, you’ll need coupling pieces and PVC concrete. If you’re dealing with copper piping, you’ll be soldering the pieces together. Listed here are a few videos that shall help you in in this an element of the process.
    1. PVC tee insertion
    2. Copper tee insertion
  4. Connect a pipe that is short a few ins) into the tee, then connect an end valve to your end of the pipeline. Once again, material your pipe is created out of will dictate the sort of materials you’ll need and the method you’ll use with this action.
    1. PVC stop valve insertion
    2. Copper end valve insertion
  5. Switch on water supply shortly your connections and make certain that your particular tee, pipeline and prevent valve haven’t any discernable leakages.