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PSS: “Sarcasm” is oftentimes a cover that is thin anger and resentment, in my opinion.

should you choose get the partner into couples counseling with you, it could assist him learn to become more authentic and direct together with his emotions as opposed to hiding behind sarcasm or jokes that aren’t jokes. Then you two can work together to fix conditions that will better help him feel too. LMB

Hello, first into this “ everything I do is wrong” I hate u mode and we are then doing the opposite of all the good things I mentioned above off I want to say thank you, not only do ur words move me but they help me understand myself and my relationship so much more so again thank you I love you…… so with that being said let me jump right in, my partner and I are going through this cycle of one day we are great talking, understanding each other, being loving and caring and at a blink of an eye I say or do something that puts him.