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Jonathan D. Grossman, M.D. the aging process… It Can Literally hurt – So Let’s handle It! Time: 1:30pm Session 2-05 (Room: C)

Read about present styles in discomfort management from interventional spine and pain professional Jonathan Grossman, MD. It’s not unusual to experience more aches and pains, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer as we get older. Learn what’s open to assist you to age gracefully much less painfully.

Felicia R. Haecker, Ed.D. how to be A purposeful frontrunner time: 1:30pm Session 2-04 (Room: B)

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You are taken by this workshop on a journey. First, you’ll define and know very well what it indicates become purposeful being a frontrunner. Next, you’ll define and explain your individual eyesight, learning just how to inform your leadership design and stroll with full confidence and function. You’ll additionally explore causes that will provide obstacles and effect the journey and build an action want to navigate through these possible challenges. The good thing about this workshop is the fact that is pertains to all areas of our life. It could talk with the manner in which you moms and dad, lead a company, or the manner in which you lead the transition from the mundane life to an optimistic, purposeful life.

Jill Simonian Digital Parenting: Real Talk for Raising Them Right with Screens – Toddlers to Tweens Time: 1:30pm Session 2-03 (place: D)

A discussion that is lively increasing young ones in an electronic globe and just how we, as parents, can handle and conquer the pitfalls.