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We designed our Pixie Cup Luxe specifically for ladies having a tilted womb or perhaps a low cervix.

How can you determine if your womb is tilted?

It is feasible to own a tilted womb and never even understand it! A lot of women become alert to their tilted womb whenever they’re pregnant, as an example during an appointment that is ultrasound. Some females state they didn’t even comprehend that they had a tilted womb until these were expecting making use of their 3rd kid! Other people say they didn’t check out their tilted womb until they asked their gynecologist straight, though it have been written on the medical chart for many years.

In the event that you suspect your womb is tilted or your cervix is otherwise in a uncommon place, pose a question to your medical practitioner at the next visit. In the event that you have tilted womb, it is feasible that the medical practitioner has noticed, but didn’t mention it in the event that you weren’t experiencing any outward symptoms. If you’re inquisitive in regards to the position of one’s cervix, you may have the ability to figure out that all on your own.