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More research becomes necessary through the medical community to guide prevention programming.


Past research from the utilization of individual lubricants for sexual intercourse is bound and has now mainly centered on condom compatibility and breakage, with just recent restricted evaluation of lubricant security and feasible epidemiologic implications. This short article covers the international proof of lubricant compatibility with latex condoms and biological security of lubricants, along with documents of lubricant usage and present recommendations for HIV avoidance development in Africa. Information on lubricant compatibility with condoms are less available than commonly recognized, and lots of lubricant services and products might not have been thouroughly tested for security because of flexible regulatory surroundings. Present study and laboratory findings from microbicides research additionally claim that some water based lubricants may have security dilemmas. Some African populations are https://no.cams4.org making use of several kinds of lubricants, specially oil based petroleum jellies, and receive small evidence based guidance. More research is required through the community that is medical guide prevention programming.


On the list of vast catalogue of African condom legends, this author’s favourite is just a mythological experiment heard in Malawi 15 years back. a young pupil stated that pouring piri piri sauce a well known spicy meals sauce in Malawi on a condom sheathed penis would cause a burning sensation; thus evidence that condoms have actually holes inside them and cannot be trusted. This really is symptomatic of condom myths that are most in Africa, which hypothesize inherent physical flaws in condoms on their own. But there is however another theory into the piri piri test the pupil failed to start thinking about: Did the hot sauce itself weaken or damage the condom, consequently assisting penetration of this barrier that is latex?