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Tyrese Blames RHOA for Unhealthy Relationships. While driving around town Monday, Tyrese Gibson took to social networking to indicate a really acceptable reality to their wide group of followers.

That isn’t your f–king marriage.

Tyrese recorded a video clip voicing his viewpoint on what he seems media such as for example blog sites, publications, and particularly reality shows like Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) are destroying the functionality of several relationships. Tyrese shared:

“You, as a female, you’re sitting TV that is there watching you’re witnessing for which females complain while having dilemmas and disputes inside their marriages which are filmed on a real possibility show. And they’re issues that are directly influencing disputes which are being produced within your house.

Those aren’t your problems. That isn’t your circumstances. You have got that which you have actually together with your spouse. That is your household. Those are the kids. That is your position which you created. Therefore, the very fact that you’re allowing these outside images and truth television shows and blog sites and internet sites and all sorts of of the negative items that is being constantly given on all social media marketing [and] all over tv every where to influence the method that you feel regarding your spouse, yours family members, or your spouse is incorrect.