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A marriage that is happy around three things: memories of togetherness, forgiveness of errors and a vow never to call it quits one one another. — Surabhi Surendra (Tweet this)

To help keep your wedding brimming, with love within the loving glass, whenever you’re incorrect –admit it, whenever you’re right shut up. — Unknown (Tweet this)

What truly matters in creating a marriage that is happy not really much how suitable you might be, but the way you cope with your incompatibility. — George Levinger/Leo Tolstoy (Tweet this)

A happy wedding is maybe not in line with the amount of times, months or years you’ve been together. It is exactly about exactly how much you adore one another every day. — Unknown (Tweet this)

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A marriage that is happy a selfless journey when the pleasure of some other individual is vital to your own personal. — George & Yvonne Levy (Tweet this)

Happiness in marriage is a moment by minute option. A determination to love, forgive , develop and get old together. — Fawn Weaver (Tweet this)

Wedding need not be perfect become gorgeous. — Unknown (Tweet this)