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Translating Dust templates to JSX center for the ten years (affected by the javaScript fram that is endless

Hello Habr! I am MiloЕЎ from Badoo, and also this is my very first Habr post, initially posted within our technology weblog. Hope you enjoy it, and please share and remark when you have any queries

So… React, amirite.

It starred in the middle of the ten years (suffering from the endless JavaScript framework wars), embraced the DOM, surprised everybody else by blending HTML with JavaScript and changed the internet development landscape beyond recognition.

Dozens of accomplishments, without also being fully a framework.

Think it’s great or hate it, React does one task effectively, and that’s HTML templating. Along with a healthier ecosystem, it is maybe maybe perhaps not difficult to understand why it became perhaps one of the most popular and influential JavaScript libraries, or even the most famous certainly one of all.

yeah, he said he *hates* javascript frameworks…can you think that?

Right right Here when you look at the mobile phone online group, we don’t follow any strict JS frameworks – or at the least, any popular people – so we make use of a mix of legacy and technologies that are modern. Although that actually works well for all of us, manipulating DOM is generally difficult, and now we desired to relieve this by reducing the wide range of В«manualВ» updates, increasing our rule reuse and stressing less about memory leakages.

After some research, respond ended up being considered the choice that is best so we chose to opt for it.

We joined up with Badoo in the exact middle of this method. Having bootstrapped and labored on React projects previously, I became alert to its advantages and disadvantages in training, but migrating an adult application with billions of users is an entirely different challenge|challenge that is totally various.

Respond mixes HTML with JavaScript in a structure called JSX. Even though it appears like a template language, JSX is truly merely a syntax, or syntactic sugar in the event that you will, for React calls, extremely similar-looking to HTML.