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Allure’s resident astrologer has supplied some understanding of exactly what a Gemini can get during this time period.

Your guide to the Gemini girl.

Gemini may be the 3rd zodiac indication and it is governed by earth Venus. Gemini 2021 – 2022 Astrology Horoscope Forecast. Virgo daily horoscope highlighting your day generally speaking, love & romantic magnetism, profession & wide range potentials, health and fitness for Virgo today etc back into all cusps Dates: January 16 – 22. Horoscope Leo 2022. From 24 th January 2020 onwards, Saturn is going to be put into your Eighth House (home of Age, Unexpected Gains, Sudden Expenditure, Gains in Ancestral Properties, Result of Previous Life’s Karma) and can stay seated right here for the coming two and half years until April 2022. Customer Care: 800.