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STDs during Pregnancy – CDC Fact Sheet

If you’re expecting, you are able to be contaminated with similar sexually transmitted conditions (STDs) as ladies who aren’t pregnant. Women that are pregnant should ask their health practitioners about getting tested for STDs, since some medical practioners usually do not perform these tests routinely.

Fact sheet | Detailed Variation

Basic fact sheets are presented in ordinary language for folks with general questions regarding sexually transmitted conditions.

I’m pregnant. Can We get an STD?

Yes, you can easily. Women that are expecting can be contaminated with all the exact same STDs as women that aren’t expecting. Pregnancy will not offer ladies or their infants any protection that is additional STDs. Numerous STDs are ‘silent,’ or do not have signs, and that means you might not determine if you’re contaminated. You should be tested for STDs, including HIV (the virus that causes AIDS), as a part of your medical care during pregnancy if you are pregnant. The outcomes of an STD could be more severe, even deadly, for you personally as well as your child in the event that you become infected while expecting. It’s important yourself and your unborn baby against infection that you are aware of the harmful effects of STDs and how to protect.